Halloween Costumes Ideas for College Students in 2020

Being in college doesn’t mean that your Halloween fun has come to an abrupt end. On the contrary, the cheer of the festive season on most campuses is such that it would seem to you that the fun has just started. However, college Halloween does mean that the days of wearing cat ears as Halloween fun are over. Halloween is celebrated in colleges across the world, and it is most likely that there will be several events regarding the same going on in your campus. But as we mentioned before, that college Halloween does demand extensive preparation, especially when we speak about costumes.
The costumes that we talk about can be assembled with ease and by yourself. You can assemble one in the time you save by hiring Prime Writers to write an essay after duly going through this real primewritings.com review. The following costumes can be made of everyday dresses and are super easy to put together:

1. Wednesday Addams

Remember the Addams Family? Well, during Halloween, the show acquires greater relevance than any other time of the year. If you are feeling like scowling and frowning this Halloween, then this Wednesday Addams Halloween costume dress is exactly what you need. To set up the look, you would need a black shaded lipstick along with your hair arranged in pigtail braids. Remember that adopting the pessimistic charm of the character doesn’t require too much effort on your part. Just complete the look with black shoes and tights. Did we mention to add a shirt with a white-collar and some easy makeup that blends along with the look quite nicely?

2. Marshmallow

You can also decide to dress up like a marshmallow. The dress is all white and accompanied by a white mask. This mask can be made by using a plastic bucket or some white construction paper. Make sure to add the smiley face to the construction paper mask by using a black marker. Also, remember to keep enough open space for seeing and breathing. You might have to cut the buck or paper material to achieve the same.

3. Risky Business

This Risky Business Tom Cruise outfit is super easy to make and can be created with existing clothes in your closet. The main component of the outfit is bigger than the usual dress shirt in the white color. You can get one at a local store for as little as $5. Beneath it, sits spandex. Add white tall socks and sunglasses. The dress can not only be put together with effortless ease and is budget-friendly, but also stands out by its light and breezy comfort.

4. Holy Guacamole Costume

You must be well acquainted with the fact that all of the better Halloween costumes out there make use of the pun. And when it comes to that, this costume is one of the best options open to you. The angel wings, the printed avocados on the green round neck T-shirt, the halo, makes you look truly angelic! It's fun, at least!

5. Frat Boy

This one is meant to please the crowd you would come across in your Halloween frat parties. Just manage to get hold of a large buttoned shirt, perhaps from a male friend. Next, acquire some boat shoes from another. Just add in a baseball cap after duly wearing it backward, and that’s it, you are ready for Halloween!

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